Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cardshop promo video

Hey, I will be back of 2 month in void :)
there is a lot of news in the underground market that I will show you in futur post

Unicc shop is a cardshop (sell cc, fullz, dumps) own by Faaxxx (russian guy)

He is one of the most reputed cybercriminal in the underground market

The price of cvv are same than a normal cardshop (10$ for EU, 4$ for US )

Faaxxx have created a promo of his shop unicc (same idea than other cybercriminal call BADB in jail)

Faxxx promo

The Faxxx promo is not very good to see
bad music
bad animation
video very long and not funny

Badb promo

The badb promo for his shop
better music
better animation and very comic

What is your favorite promo ?


  1. Unicc's website ? What is the website adress ?

  2. Very nice Blog! Interesting.

  3. Nice blog!
    What about those "cash claws" they have been using to get free money from atm.That would make an interesting article.

    very good shop!

  5. "Faxxx" forgot to add the jail at the end of the video.

  6. Great post! Been looking around for info on people who steam data. Thanks for the info!