Wednesday, May 15, 2013 shop DB leaked

The shop
I have recently leaked the DB of an underground shop
This a place where reseller of CC/dumps/paypal and the adin work hand to hand for selling this stuff. They seems to work in % with each reseller. is composed to one forum
This is not a big forum like
Sometimes the forum is open for registration sometimes not, sometimes this is a 50$ fee
depend on the admin

l33t forum

The admin

l33tsu promote his website in lot of underground forum :

omerta,albooraq, lampeduza and some other underground forum
He has buyer from everywhere

I will send to you my reader all username
Happy bruteforcing !



  1. The post very good!
    Can i talk with u ?

    1. send to my email that you can find everywhere

  2. But how all you security researches leak a database? I mean did u find a vuln in the website but i thing that is impossible or too hard because the forum is popular forum board phpbb mybb or something?

  3. Great work..

    but uhhh, how bout pasting the passwords too?

    1. SRY I don't paste them, this is too risky

  4. What kind of Leak is it if you don't put out the passwords? even people like Xylibox post them.

    They are a main reason people like me and many others read such threads to get the passwords when there is a database leak and add to my list for bruteforcing other malicious servers.

  5. Lool, you dont have leak a db and dont have hacked ;)

    You are just reseller and you have access to the usernames.

    Bad guy, you know i have reason!

    1. Look like he just used a data miner and collect everyone's names. What a lame shit, even n00bs can do this. DURP!

  6. Goddamn it, you got me. Has been using only on Tor browser so far, so good luck catching me! ;)

  7. funny these are just username u said database leak NO username/pass/email why? oh u called username is database?hahaha n00bs get a life mate.

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